Food System Change

Online Congress

22-24 March 2021

Congress material

Here you can find all materials related to the online-congress. Videos, texts and other resources will partly be made available before the conduction of the congress. Other material, such as the recordings of the sessions and panel discussions will be made available here after the congress.

Closing declaration

Making Europe’s foodsystem more sustainable is necessary for the realization of all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and must be a high priority goal of policy makers at EU, national and municipal level. The closing declaration of the Food System Change Online Congress has been signed by more than 100 expert change makers from civil society, science and the private sector who united at the Food System Change Online Congress in March 2021.


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For a quick overview of the niches discussed at the congress, we have prepared some fact sheets. We are updating them regularly.

Want more information? Read the full description here: https://www.foodsystemchange.org/networking/niche-innovations

Video presentations

Ökoregion Kaindorf, Austria

Gerald Dunst, founder of the “carbon increasing” project, talks about the background and the goals of the initiative and their experiences. It explains the origins of the humus project, the difficulties encountered and how they have been overcome. The video contains helpful information for people who are working on implementing their own humus projects, establishing bio-regions, or have a general interest in the topic.  

Urban agriculture in Oslo, Norway

Stephanie Degenhardt from the Agency for Urban Environment in Oslo explains the diversity of Urban Gardening projects in Oslo, which is part of the Edible Cities Network. You will learn about the different initiatives the city is supporting, the early start, the Sørli educational farm, challenges and solutions as well as the lessons learned.    

Cloughjordan Community Farm, Ireland

The Cloughjordan Community Farm in Ireland is organized as community supported agriculture (CSA). In their video the Cloughjordan Community Farm talks about the concept of CSA, their farming methods, implementation problems and how to overcome them as well as their distribution system and the European Solidarity Corps.

Recommended videos

Networks for food system change

Learn about national and international networks changing the food system. You can also add networks you know about.


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Visit our FoodSy Map

A good way to get a glimps of the congresses topics is our FoodSy Map which displays a number of projects representing niche innovations across Europe.


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  • Niche innovations in Europe for the transformation of the food system - NEuropa: Collection of profiles2020. The food systems of the various European countries are characterized by great diversity, stemming from the differences in history, geographical location and natural resources. From this diversity, numerous new niche innovations have emerged in recent years that have the potential to contribute to the necessary, more sustainable shaping of food systems. These niche innovations are presented in this publication as well as classified and evaluated with regard to their potential contribution to the transformation of the food system.1 MB
  • Nischeninnovationen in Europa zur Transformation des Ernährungssystems - NEuropa: Steckbriefsammlung2020. Die Ernährungssysteme der Länder Europas sind von einer starken Vielfalt geprägt, bedingt unter anderem durch die Unterschiedlichkeit von Geschichte, geographischer Lage und natürlicher Ressourcenausstattung. Aus dieser Vielfalt heraus haben sich in den letzten Jahren zahlreiche neue Nischeninnovationen entwickelt, die das Potenzial haben, zu der notwendigen, nachhaltigeren Gestaltung der Ernährungssysteme beizutragen. Diese Nischeninnovationen werden in der vorliegenden Publikation vorgestellt und mit Blick auf ihren möglichen Beitrag zur Transformation des Ernährungssystems eingeordnet und bewertet. 1 MB
  • Nischen des Ernährungssystems: Bewertung des Nachhaltigkeits- und Transformationspotenzials innovativer Nischen des Ernährungssystems in Deutschland"Aus transformationstheoretischen Ansätzen geht hervor, dass bisher stabile Systeme durch die Einführung von neuen Innovationen aus dem Nischenbereich in den Mainstreambereich grundlegend transformiert werden können. Als Ziel dieses Berichts wurde daher bestimmt, Nischeninnovationen im Ernährungssystem Deutschlands zu identifizieren, welche zum einen ein hohes Nachhaltigkeitspotenzial und zum zweiten ein hohes Transformationspotenzial aufweisen."3 MB