Food System Change Congress

22-24 March 2021


Salvatore Basile

Salvatore Basile is a trainer, coordinator and designer of interventions on agri-environmental issues, with particular regard to Bio-Districts and agroecology. He is the president of I.N.N.E.R. – International Network of Eco-Regions, Co-President of GAOD – Global Alliance for the Organic Districts and the Secretary General of the Bio-District Cilento in Italy.

Dr. Benjamin Leon Bodirsky

Dr. Benjamin Leon Bodirsky is a senior scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research focussing on the large-scale and long-term transformations of the global food system.

Ralph Böhlke

Ralph is working as a coordinator for European projects for Terre de Liens (France) and the European Access-to-Land Network. He has a background in Business (Budapest University of Economic Sciences) and Sustainable Development (Munich University of Applied Sciences) and is facilitating transformation processes for more than ten years.

Samuel Bonvoisin

Samuel Bonvoisin is agronomist, agroforestry and permaculture teacher, specialized in social regenerative design. He is administrator of the Biovallée association, a Bio-district located in south-east France.

Gilles Domenech

Gilles Domenech is a soil scientist and author of the book "Jardiner sur sol vivant". He is the creator of the blog "Jardinons Sols Vivants" and he is specialized in living soils and agricultural training in France and Africa. He was one of the originators of the french network "Maraichage sur sol vivant" since 2012.

Ramona Duminicioiu

Ramona Duminicioiu is a member of Eco Ruralis, a peasant association in Romania that is member of the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC). She is also active in the Nyéléni Europe and Central Asia Food Sovereignty Network (Nyéléni ECA).

Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach

Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach is a trained farmer and agricultural economist. Together with organic pioneer Adolf Hoops, he has developed the basics for the Biocyclic Vegan Standard. He lives in Greece, from where he coordinates the producer networks O.M.E.N. and the Panhellenic Biocyclic Vegan Network.

Andrea Ferrante

Andrea Ferrante is the Coordinator of Schola Campesina aps. Schola Campesina is an International agroecology school located in Italy participating to Nyéléni Europe and Central Asia, that is the Civil society platform in dialogue with FAO REU.

Pascal Hardy

Pascal Hardy is the founder of Nature Urbaine, Europe’s largest rooftop urban farm in Paris. He is also the founder of iNex, a platform for circular economy between companies, as well as the co-founder of "Café Philo", a non-profit initiative.

Dr. Anna Maria Häring

Dr. Anna Maria Häring is Professor for Policy and Markets in the Agro-Food Sector at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE), Germany. She works on innovation and the sustainable development of food systems and holds degrees from Ohio State University, USA (MSc in Agronomy) and Hohenheim University, Germany (PhD in agricultural economics).

Peter Hübner

Peter Hübner is a committed animal rights activist and speaker at events. As co-initiator of the campaign "Butchers against animal murder", Hübner has also appeared as a speaker in schools, associations and political parties, but he also carries the message of the vegan lifestyle abroad. Animal welfare and climate protection are directly intertwined.

Dr. Jenny Lay-Kumar

Dr. Jenny Lay-Kumar is the head of the research department of Regionalwert AG Freiburg and scientific lead of the innovation project QuartaVista. She holds a PhD in environmental sociology and is working on sustainable agri-food systems in various contexts. Regionalwert AG Freiburg connects consumers with agricultural producers and develops concepts for the valuation and monetary appreciation of agricultural services for environment, society and regional economy.

Dr. Maria Rosa Mosquera-Losada

María Rosa Mosquera-Losada is the coordinator of Agroforestry Innovation Networks (AFINET), Co-Chair of the Enabling environment Research Group of the FAO (GACSA) as well as president of the Spanish Agroforestry Association (AGFE). She has been teaching at the University of Santiago de Compostela for more than 20 years and holds currently the position of professor in Crop Production and Project Engineering.

Filippos Polatsidis

Filippos Polatsidis is an activist located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Through the work of the grassroots organization “Pervolarides of Thessaloniki” he supports the homeless and people in need with hot meals, fresh fruits & vegetables that are reclaimed before they end in the landfill.

Dr. Bernd Pölling

Dr. Bernd Pölling is research and teaching assistant in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen in Soest, Germany. His research focuses on urban agriculture and sustainable rural development.

Roberto Stucchi Prinetti

Roberto Stucchi Prinetti is president of the Biodistretto del Chianti, a Bio-District in the Chianti hills of central Tuscany, Italy.

Beatrice Stude

Beatrice Stude is an urban planner and activist. She has teamed up with "MILA Mitmach Supermarkt" to design a pilot for the first participatory supermarket in Austria: Food hub and meeting place. She is member of a Community Supported Agriculture and co-founder of Munus, a trust to secure land for communities.

Ben Raskin

Ben Raskin has worked in horticulture for more than 25 years and has a wide range of practical commercial growing experience. For the Soil Association, he leads on their horticultural and agroforestry work. Ben is an author of gardening books for children and grownups. He is also currently implementing a 200-acre agroforestry planting in Wiltshire, UK.

Gonzalo Úrculo

Gonzalo Úrculo is a restless farmeneur. With little idea of agriculture in the beginning, he threw himself into growing oranges and selling them directly through the internet in 2010. Within CrowdFarming he acts as a link between teams, working for the real world and the technological world.

Marlène Vissac

Marlène Vissac is a Permaculture & Keyline Designer, active in the regenerative agriculture transition by teaching and supporting farmers and people who start their agriculture project. She create a design office "Phacelia" in 2016, after spending years in different countries for get knowledges and experiences in those topics.

Marcin Wójcik

Marcin Wójcik is a farmer in the Low Beskid Mountains of Poland. He is integrating bovine meat production and various agroforestry practices within his organic farm.

Stephanie Wunder

Stephanie Wunder works as a Senior Fellow and Coordinator for Land Use Policy & Coordinator Food Systems at the Ecologic Institute in Berlin. Her work focuses on the transformation to sustainable food systems and sustainable land use practices.


Rachel Arnould

Rachel Arnould has over 10 years experience in building web platforms for social and ecological impact. She co-founded CoopCircuits, a platform coop using the Open Food Network. She holds a Master in Sustainability, Environmental Economics and GIS.

Stanka Becheva

Stanka Becheva is food and agriculture campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe where she coordinates the work on agroecology and food sovereignty.

Janneke Bruil

Janneke Bruil is an independent facilitator, organiser and researcher as well as a founder of “Cultivate!”, an international collective that supports a transition to healthy food systems rooted in agroecology. Janneke is also the Food Policy Advisor of the city of Wageningen, Netherlands and a member of the Dutch food sovereignty platform Voedsel Anders.

Dr. Fedele Colantuono

Fedele Colantuono is a Project Manager at the University of Foggia (Department of Economics), Italy. He is involved in research activities and management of different projects mainly related to the agrifood systems (R&D, innovations, rural development, new trends and international cooperation). His recent networking experience on food systems is related to the SKIN project, aimed at the identification and sharing of EU good practices on short food supply chain.

Lynne Davis

Lynne Davis has spent the last decade understanding food systems from the ground up. With the Open Food Network Lynne combines this experience with degrees in engineering and economics to build systems for food sovereignty.

Roos Galjaard

Roos Galjaard studied human geography at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. For over 18 years she has worked as researcher, consultant and project manager, mainly on a European level. First at the Province of Overijssel, since 2007 as consultant for Bureau PAU in Groningen. In October 2019 she was asked to support the municipality of Groningen as Lead Partner of  the REFRAME project.

Paula Gioia

Paula Gioia is a beekeeper and peasant farmer in a community farm in Germany. Paula represents the Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL) in the coordination committee of the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) and is also member of the facilitation committee of the Food Sovereignty Network in Europe and Central Asia (Nyéléni ECA).

Wannes De Jonghe

Wannes De Jonghe is Communication and Marketing Manager at Boeren & Buren / La Ruche qui dit Oui ! In Belgium, this is a Europe-wide network that promotes short supply chains by using the principals of direct marketing to support local producers.

Inés Jordana

EU Food Policy Coalition coordinator. With background in Environmental Sciences and Rural Development, and experience in public administration, consultancy and NGOs, Inés believes that the long-term solutions to ensure sustainability can only be found through effective cooperation and networking.

Dr. Johannes Kotschi

Dr. Johannes Kotschi is a scientist and advisor in rural development. Since long, the provision of agricultural seed in Africa and Asia is a main focus of his work, which led the issue of seeds as commons. He and his team developed the Open-Source Seed Licence and started the service provider OpenSourceSeeds.

Ana Moragues-Faus

Ana Moragues-Faus is a Senior Research Fellow at University of Barcelona. She engages in actionresearch processes and combines a set of critical theories such as political ecology and participative justice to support the development of more just and sustainable food systems.

Chris Giotitsas

Chris Giotitsas is researching free/open-source technologies and agricultural, currently at the Tallinn University of Technology. In his book “Open Source Agriculture” he deals with the movement and the technological products of the open source agricultural communities.

Marina Guédon

Marina Guédon studied agronomy with a focus on rural development. She is co-coordinator of Forum Synergies’ activities, an association which aims at linking sustainable practices throughout Europe, especially in rural territories. As an activist, she has been involved in the Food Sovereignty platform in Valencia region where she lives; interested in collective approaches, she is currently training in groups’ facilitation.

Tom O’Kane

Tom O’Kane is a horticulturalist with a postgraduate in organic farming, currently leading the development of Cae Tân CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in South Wales, UK.

Johanna Stumpner

Johanna Stumpner is a nutritional scientist working for the Association of organic food processors (AöL). Her main area of work are regulatory questions on organic processing and trade as well as the networking and representation of the AöL members in several national and European organisations.

Foteini Zampati

Foteini Zampati is a legal professional with over 18 years of experience. She works for the Association  for Technology and Structures (KTBL) as a data rights research specialist, advising the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative on the ethical and legal aspects of open data.


Ribana Bergmann

Ribana Bergmann is an agronomist and geoecologist. As a facilitator for sustainable projects she was setting up an edible city concept for Potsdam-Drewitz. Currently she focuses on regional planning and communal catering supply chains in rural Hessen.

Liddy Piweck

Liddy Piweck studied Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies at TU Dresden. She currently works/volunteers in the PR department of non-profit NAHhaft e.V.