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We are engaged as volunteers, passionate for a good and sustainable food system. Do you want to take part, too? Get in touch with us.


Alexander Schrode

After studying political science, economics and philosophy and working as an environmental economist at the Federal Environment Agency, I discovered how central sustainable food systems are for humans, the environment, animals and nature. Since then I dedicate myself to this topic both professionally and privately.

David Loesche

The biggest challenge is not that there are no concepts for sustainable agriculture or that we don't know how to change our diet. The question is how to put this knowledge into practice, despite all the social and political obstacles and barriers.


Do you like writing, editing, designing, communicating or organizing? Then contact us and become part of our team.

Lydia Kitz

I believe that sustainable food systems are one of the basic requirements for a society in which all people can live together in freedom, equality and solidarity.

Ribana Bergmann

It's all in the mix! As an agronomist, I am convinced that in the future we should focus on a variety in forests and fields to make use of the forces of nature. Also facing pressing future questions regarding climate change, nutrition and a fair distribution of resources, I see great potential in the diverse exchanges between the disciplines. With my participation I would like to contribute to interdisciplinary networking and to find common solutions.

Louisa Bontz-Goldbach

The nutrition transition is the answer to various social, health, and ecological issues and offers a partial solution to them. I want to take the opportunity of networking on the platform to promote synergies among diverse interdisciplinary actors in order to develop and implement solutions together.

We are thankful

We would like to thank all those who supported us in developing the website - with ideas, expertise, contacts and, last but not least, financial resources. We would especially like to thank:



The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt has made the webiste possible through its project funding.


In autumn 2017, we invited personalities from the agricultural and food industry, NGOs, media outlets and foundations to a workshop on the platform for food change - thank you very much for the feedback and the wide-ranging input!


In autumn 2017, personalities from science and research also contributed their ideas on the functions and structure of this website. We are very grateful for the feedback, which we integrated within the bounds of possibility!


Many thanks also to all who are involved in this great project. Without Typo3 and its helpful community this site would not exist.