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Ernaehrungswandel.org aka. foodsystemchange.org is an online platform initiated by NAHhaft e.V. (in the following text called "Plattform Ernährungswandel"). The platform was developed with funds from the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt and is currently maintained by NAHhaft e.V. The aim of the website is to initiate discussions within the thematic complex of food system change and to connect different perspectives, disciplines and actors. We invite all users to share their questions, insights and thoughts on the website and to realize their ideas as a researcher, innovator, creator (in the following text "you") etc.

We check whether the contribution fits in with the theme of food system change and supports the aims of the website. The rights and duties of the authors, of the "Plattform Ernährungswandel" and of third parties are respected. Together with you we agree on the following terms of use:

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We want the content on "Plattform Ernährungswandel" to reach as many people as possible. Therefore we invite you to publish your contributions under a Creative Commons license. Learn more about Creative Commons creativecommons.org/licenses/.

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