Our food systems, the complex global networks of food production, processing, trade, consumption and disposal, have enabled more people than ever before to have access to a wide variety of food products, often at very reasonable prices.
At the same time, we are facing a multitude of global problems: From the increasing loss of agricultural biodiversity to the spread of diet-related diseases, from malnutrition and hunger to the impact of the food system on climate change - to name just a few issues.

In short: The sustainability of our food systems is endangered. A change towards a sustainable food supply is therefore urgently needed. 1, 2, 3, 4.

According to numerous demands from scientists5, 6, agriculture and the food industry 7, politics9 and civil society, the basic objectives for food system change are

  • fair and social production and trade processes
  • healthy diets
  • environment- and animal-friendly production methods
  • regional and seasonal trading cycles and
  • increasing plant-based diets

Certainly, there are sometimes conflicts of interest between these goals. But above all, they have great commonalities and synergy potentials.

Together for a food system change

We are convinced that food system change can only succeed if broad, diverse alliances are formed, including unconventional partnerships. The Platform Food System Change should therefore contribute to

  • the debate on the future and sustainability of agriculture and food which should beconducted in a sound and science-based manner
  • conflicting perspectives and voices being heard and controversies being critically reflected
  • stakeholders, who often find themselves confronted with one another, entering into open and constructive dialogue with one another.

We would like to invite everyone to participate in this worthwhile future project!

Benefits of this website

Against this background, this platform for Food System Change offers a common virtual space for all those who are involved in research or practical work on food change, in order to critically reflect on the various ways to achieve these goals, to take a closer look at conflicting goals and synergies and to discuss solutions.

For practitioners

On this website you can learn which questions are currently being researched, what answers are available and what experiences have been gained in the practice of sustainable agriculture and nutrition. You can share your experiences and exchange ideas, find partners from science, and present your own projects or project ideas.

For young scientists

The website enables you to inform yourself about current research findings, to publish your own results and ideas, to network and exchange information.

For established researchers

You can gather your different perspectives and expertise in one place and effectively communicate your expert knowledge. You can publish and discuss your current research projects and topics as well as exchange with researchers, practitioners and the public.

For journalists

The website is a source of information for articles on current findings from science and practice as well as background information on sustainable nutrition and agriculture. You will learn about pioneers from civil society, business, politics, administration and science who are already pushing forward the food system change today. It also offers you the opportunity to publish your contributions on the subject of food system change.

For politics and administration

The website offers the opportunity to discover recent findings from science and practice as well as to receive analyses and policy recommendations on current issues related to food systems.

For consumers

On the website, you will receive valuable information from research and practice that may be important for your consumer decisions. You will learn about products and services that promote the food system change and learn about food innovations.

For education actors

Here you will gain knowledge to pass on and share with other people and you will learn about other educational actors, their projects, approaches and procedures. The website enables you to get in touch and exchange information.