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We are opening a community supermarket to promote sustainable consumption and equitable supply chains. Through cooperation, participation and transparency, consumers will be able to influence our food system.

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Background and goals

Our goal

We are working to open a cooperative supermarket to make it possible for everyone to buy regional and sustainable products. Through cooperation, participation and transparency, consumers can actively shape our food system.

The recipe for success

Each member is a shareholder of the cooperative, helps out 3 hours per month and has a say in the decision-making process. Thus a community around good nutrition is created. By saving on operating costs, providing a transparent margin and reinvesting profits, we can offer high-quality products at affordable prices. This model already works successfully in New York with 17,000 members, in Paris with 7,000 and in Brussels with 2,000. We see ourselves as a local segment of the global movement for a socially just transformation of our food system.

Current status

With a motivated team, we founded our cooperative in October 2020. After a successful first crowdfunding campaign with 500 supporters, we have built up a purchasing association with over 120 members, and supported by numerous partners.

Next steps

We are currently in discussion with commercial properties in Berlin to open our first retail space. To secure financing, we are currently negotiating loans and planning a second crowdfunding campaign to underwrite the cooperative's shares. Together with our members, we are developing criteria for product sourcing and putting together our assortment for the grand opening. We look forward to creating SuperCoop together!

Learning together

How could researchers support your project? Which questions have remained unanswered so far?

How could researchers support our project? Which questions remain unanswered so far? How do participation and transparency strengthen sustainable consumption and a bottom-up food transition?

Exchange and support

We welcome all exchanges on building a diverse community, cooperatives, project funding, (direct) product sourcing, and much more!


Organization: SuperCoop Berlin

Name of contact person: Johanna Kühner

Website: www.supercoop.de

E-mail: contact(at)supercoop.de