Growing together: Co-Creating Bornholm's Sustainable Food System

Join us on Hammersly's bold mission to transform Bornholm's agricultural landscape! Our project focuses on regenerative agriculture, healing the soil and environment while ensuring sustainable food production.

Who, What and When?

We are a team of young farmers that manage the organic and regenerative farm Hammersly Økojord. The previously conventionally managed farm is located in Rutsker, Bornholm and is since 2021 owned by Bornholms Økojord A/S. The company acts in the interests of the association Økobornholm and it’s over 100 shareholders.  

Background and Goals

Our initiative seeks to instigate a transformative change that embraces regenerative agricultural practices and empowers the younger generation to engage in sustainable farming.

At the heart of our project lies the adoption of regenerative farming methods, which prioritize the health and vitality of the soil. By avoiding harmful chemicals and tilling, we aim to rejuvenate the soil's nutrient content and structure. These practices enhance water retention, reduce erosion, and promote carbon sequestration, contributing to the island's climate resilience.

Our initiative embraces the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. Through CSA, we establish a direct partnership with our consumers, rekindling a vital connection that has been lost in the modern food landscape. In the beginning of the season, our customers subscribe to receive weekly boxes of fresh produce, becoming active stakeholders in the farming process. This model not only ensures us a stable market, but also empowers our consumers to actively support local agriculture, gain insight into seasonal produce cycles, and foster a sense of community ownership over the food they consume.

We envision a thriving local food system on Bornholm, where farmers produce high-quality, nutrient-dense food for the community. By promoting sustainable agriculture, we aim to reduce the island's dependency on external food sources and strengthen its food security. Consumers will have access to fresh, locally grown produce, reducing carbon footprints associated with food transportation.

Through our comprehensive approach, we envision a significant impact in several key areas. Environmentally, the shift towards regenerative practices will restore ecological balance, protect natural habitats, and promote biodiversity, leading to a more resilient ecosystem on Bornholm.

Economically, the adoption of sustainable farming practices will improve resource management, reduce input costs, and enhance long-term profitability for farmers. A stronger and more stable agricultural economy will contribute to overall rural development.

Socially, the project will foster a sense of community, as locals take pride in their sustainable food system. The initiative seeks to preserve Bornholm's rich agricultural heritage while embracing innovation and collaboration among farmers.

In summary, Hammersly's Regenerative Farm Project aims to create a profound and lasting effect on Bornholm's agricultural landscape. By championing regenerative practices, empowering young farmers, and promoting a local and sustainable food system, we strive to sow the seeds of a flourishing and resilient future for our island and beyond. Together, we can cultivate a positive change that nurtures the land, the community, and the generations to come.

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Research themes: regenerative agriculture, landsystem change, co-creating food systems, intergenerational collaboration



Organization: Hammersly Økojord

Name of contact person: Maya Lindemann

Website: https://oekobornholm.dk/oekojord-forside/

Address: Kirkebyen 36, 3790 Hasle, Denmark

E-mail: info(at)hammersly.dk

Phone: +45 91 45 82 21

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