European Network for a Plant-Based Diet

Good Practices to Promote a Plant-Based Diet in Europe

The need to switch to a predominantly plant-based diet for climate protection and a healthier population has been scientifically proven. This report highlights how networks, associations, organizations, companies, research institutions and actors from the community catering and gastronomy sector are already making important contributions through pioneering work in the field of sustainable and plant-based diets. It presents good practices as inspiration for producers, food processors, start-ups, companies, associations, networks as well as actors from the catering and gastronomy sector to take similar initiatives or build on them. The focus is on sharing experiences and highlighting opportunities and challenges. Finally, the key findings of the good practices are presented. The report is based on the work of the PlantEurope network, which is committed to accelerating the transformation to sustainable, plant-based food systems in Europe.


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