European Network for a Plant-Based Diet

Members meeting “PlantEurope Partners and the Future”

The 10th PlantEurope members meeting gave more insights into our partners’ work and a look back on two years of activities.


On April 24th PlantEurope members were invited to learn more about the important work our partners do in promoting a plant-based diet. We were incredibly lucky to be joined by representatives from the European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods and the European Vegetarian Union as we looked back on 2 years of PlantEurope activities. 

To start off the meeting Siska Pottie from the European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods spoke about the advocacy work her organization does, ranging from sharing information about the transition to plant-based diets to lobbying for plant-based laws in the European Union. They are currently working on finalizing their official memorandum. 

Ronja Berthold from the European Vegetarian Union, an umbrella organization, spoke about their work in representing their members’ interests on the EU Level. In addition EVU are labeling plant-based alternatives, they convey surveys, and wrote a plant-based manifesto which is open to signature. 

Next the PlantEurope team shared an overview of the work they have done since the network launch in June 2022. You can find a summary of the work here. The team is very pleased to share the two reports (Policy Strategies and Instruments for the Promotion of a Plant-Based Diet in Europe and Good Practices to Promote a Plant-Based Diet in Europe) they wrote and all the resources that they were able to collect, also thanks to the collaboration with many of the PlantEurope network members.

Participants used the rest of the meeting to introduce their work and come up with ideas together to promote a plant-based diet in their respective countries and fields. 

The PlantEurope team thanks all partners and the participants for joining and engaging in this latest members meeting.