European Network for a Plant-Based Diet

Project Kickoff

We are excited to officially kick off the PlantEurope Network! Over the next 2 years we will work toward connecting European innovators committed to a plant-based food system.

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CC0 by HeungSoon on pixabay.com

We welcome all pioneers and flagship projects, start-ups, organizations, associations, scientists and stakeholders within the gastronomy and communal catering sector to 

  • connect with the plant-based community
  • share knowledge, ideas and resources
  • learn about facts, tools and trends
  • join networking events

Our activities include the creation of a website to showcase valuable pioneer projects, digital toolkits to promote and implement a plant-based diet in various areas of society as well as studies about plant-based nutrition, climate impact and food trends/technology. We will also give an overview of all network members as well as relevant events from the plant-based community.

The PlantEurope Network will be hosting a variety of networking events to create a meaningful exchange between members. There will also be three larger panel discussions where we hope to welcome interested parties from all of Europe.

We are looking forward to you joining us as a member of the network and our community platform!

If you are interested in becoming a member, you will find our sign up form here.

Join our online community here.