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For a plant-based future: flavour is key

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For a plant-based future: flavour is key

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There is no doubt that with a steadily growing world population, there is a growing need for proteins for food production. This requirement cannot be met by proteins of animal origin alone. The food industry is therefore striving to increasingly use plant-based proteins. But even though plant-based and vegan products are becoming more widely accepted, they are far from being the norm and consumers are somewhat hesitant. One of the crucial barriers to purchasing plant-based products is “taste”, as surveys show. Taste relates to the basic tastes humans can perceive. Yet a “tasty” product is much more than realising the basic tastes but rather experiencing flavour which is besides taste, the texture perceived within the mouth and smell.

What has to be taken into account in developing a tasty plant-based product full of flavour? In this event we want to take a close look at the challenges and best practices one faces using plant proteins.

Join and hear from all different angles: academia, industry, research institutes, and start-ups how they deal with this problem and start exploring collaboration opportunities.

Looking forward to meeting you!

EIT Food West

Preliminary agenda

12:30 Arrival

13:00 Welcome and Introduction to EIT Food and the Impact Funding Framework by

Dr Georg Schirrmacher, Director EIT Food West

13:30 Keynotes by:

Dr. Marius Henkel, TU Munich, Cellular agriculture

Melania Pilz, TU Munich, Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology

Dr Stephanie Mittermaier, Fraunhofer Institute IVV, Head of Depart. Food Process Development

David Hunt, GFI Europe, Research support manager

Dr Kerstin Burseg, GoodMills Innovation GmbH, Head of Research & Product Development

Kari Tronsmo, Danone, Open Innovation Leader

Outi Mäkinen, Nordic Umami Company, CTO

17:00 Official end of Meeting and Networking

18:00 Optional dinner (on self-pay basis, please leave a message if you like to join to yu-mi.lee@eitfood.eu)

The agenda is constantly being updated. So stay tuned!

For any questions regarding this event, please reach out to yu-mi.lee@eitfood.eu.

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